Production and packing machinery

Production and packing machinery

ATD Machinery firmly believes ‘when we think in solutions, the result will be a machine’.

We design and manufacture solutions suited to a wide range of production and packing purposes, with applications in confectionery, food processing and packing, healthcare, and elsewhere.

Many of the innovations we have made are highly transferable elsewhere.

Don't think in machines

Think in solutions and the result will be a machine

stacking boxes machine

Product handling

We offer solutions for the safe and accurate stacking, unstacking and transport of individual items, cases and boxes. These can …

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Labelling and customising

Our packing machines can be configured to incorporate inlays and inserts within the pack; and to apply external sleeves, bands …

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packaging vision control in line

Control systems

PLC’s allied with ‘hard automation’ offers production flexibility without the complexities and vulnerabilities of fully robotic systems. Visual displays ensure …

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shoulderbox making line packaging

Process automation

The ATD approach is particularly suitable where it is desired to replace manual, item-by-item processing, assembly or packing in difficult …

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