Working smarter together

At ATD, we believe in partnership and co-creation, working together to achieve the highest possible results for our customers every day.

We maintain our position of global leader in machine building technology through our commitment to, and investment in, Research & Development – led by an in-house team of 15 experienced engineers with impeccable knowledge of technique and machinery. Together with this team, we are constantly seeking ways to innovate our machines and techniques, so we provide the most innovative solutions for your product and maintain our position as market leader.

When you come to us for a machinery solution, our electric and mechanical engineers work together to come up with a concept that meets your wishes. Everyone involved in the project draws on their expertise to create the best and most innovative solution possible. Before delivering a machine, we conduct a Factory Acceptance Test, and if the result is satisfactory, the machine is ready to be delivered to you, preset and ready for use.


ATD’s business is founded on long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, and third parties. Our principles of trust and confidentiality enable us to work together towards continuous development of our machines and improvement of our customers’ ownership experience.

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Our in-house engineering experts, who are a driving force in the machine building industry, continue to test and innovate in their respective specializations, making it possible for you to collaborate effectively with them. Their ability to analyze your project and develop a solution reflects their commitment to innovation.