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Are you looking for the best solution for your product when it comes to packaging, labeling or production? ATD machinery is equipped to live up to the highest standards and to handle your products with great care.

We firmly believe that we can create the machine that provides the solution to any challenge. We design and manufacture tailor-made solutions suited to a wide range of production, labeling and packing purposes with applications in confectionery, food processing and packing, healthcare, and elsewhere. This ensures reliable and higher output allowing our partners to run their business more sustainably, cost-effectively and perform better than their competitors.

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Human machine interface

Upon delivery, the machine is ready for use and set up for product-specific requirements. If the machine is used for multiple products, the settings can be adjusted for one product and easily altered for others by the machine operator, using a step-by-step process on the display. Our machines are built to last. We prioritize quality and aim for the best, so you have as little maintenance as possible with the longest lifespan.

Why choose ATD?

With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we develop and build tailor-made solutions for more efficient production environments, machines, installations and services. We discuss your wishes, what the challenges are, and what the machine must comply with. We listen to your needs, and we are dedicated to delivering a machine of top-level quality that does everything you need it to do. The question never is if we can build it, only how we can build it as effectively and user-friendly as possible. And after building it, we conduct a Factory Acceptance Test. If the result is satisfactory, the machine is ready to be implemented. Ready for production with significantly better results and lower production costs.

This ensures reliable and higher yield allowing our partners to run their business more sustainable, cost-effectively and perform better than the competition.

Our solutions


ATD has highly suitable solutions for labeling of packages. We apply labels, such as a seal sticker, tax stamp or barcodes.

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We can pack a variety of products, from food to pharmaceutical products, from playing cards to pencils.

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We have several machines for the realization of your product. We customize them completely, based on your needs.

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Do you want a top-quality machine that always performs?

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Our strenghts

We work hard to make sure you get nothing but the best result in a machine. ATD Machinery has strengths that defines who we are and how we work:

  • Expertise
  • Innovation
  • High efficiency
  • Care
  • Reliability
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