Technical services

Installation & training

We will oversee the complete installation, proving and commissioning process to the agreed specifications, either using our own engineers or working in support of your engineering team.

We can facilitate full initial training for both production and maintenance staff. Conscious that there may be a considerable turnover of staff during the life of the machine, we can supply training materials to support the on-boarding of new staff, and equally to support the operation and maintenance of any future modifications and upgrades.

technical services


Our highly trained engineers can advise you on, support and execute all our customers’ maintenance and repair needs.

We are eager to support customers’ asset management and planned/preventative maintenance programmes. We can enter into Service Level Agreements, whereby we will inspect your machine and monitor its performance at regular intervals, identify any incipient problems, or movements towards ‘out of tolerance’ conditions, and recommend and if required carry out an appropriate programme of revision and refurbishment. This can be supported by remote monitoring options.

Our after-sales teams work hand-in-hand with our designers and engineers to promote continuous improvement in our customers’ ownership experience.


We actively seek feedback from our customers and monitor the performance of our machines in service.

We identify any issues around operation, maintenance, material waste, energy consumption and elsewhere, enabling us to suggest modifications and upgrades, and to apply lessons learnt to future machines.

Overhauling & upgrade

Where appropriate we can carry out comprehensive overhaul, upgrading or rebuilding of your machine, returning it to ‘as new’ condition but with the benefits of the latest advances in design, materials and control systems.

This extends the useful life of your machine while securing further improvement in productivity, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

ATD employee at work in a production environment

Process data analysis

Collection of production and performance data from your machines when in operation is important, enabling us to further improve your experience, and to inform future product development. Increasingly, we are offering remote monitoring options which allow continual monitoring of machine condition and efficiency. By focusing on the process we can isolate issues, identify root causes, and suggest, implement and test improvements and modifications.


Reverse engineering

We can reverse engineer the products and components of other machine makers, to support maintenance, overhaul, refurbishment and upgrades or to adapt them to work seamlessly with our own products. We can create maintenance manuals including ‘3D’ component visualisations to facilitate parts ordering.

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