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The design of every project starts from scratch,

with an understanding of our customer’s processes, materials, and environment. We can help optimise production strategies and show how our machines will align with the overall production system.

We can combine tailored versions

of our standard design elements with bespoke solutions and customised machines for unique problems, to operate stand-alone, or as a well-balanced element in a larger production line. Our ability to integrate mechatronic and pneumatic operations with sophisticated PLC controls is unsurpassed.

Our design philosophy is

to drive down waste, to minimise Total Cost of Ownership, to support the workforce, and to ensure a long, economical, trouble-free and profitable working life. We design with the human interface of our machines in mind, ensuring simplicity and ease of use in operation, cleaning and maintenance. We also pay particular attention to ergonomic working positions, and features such as dust and noise suppression, safety guarding and interlocking.

Last but not least, we strive for a pleasing appearance, in form and finish – our latest machines will look as good on the front cover of your Annual Report as they do on your balance sheet!

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