Tobacco Machinery

Tobacco Machinery

ATD Machinery is unapologetic about its legacy in the tobacco industry – it’s where we have learned our trade for more than 50 years and it is in our DNA.

Cigar Making is complex, involving many different and complex processes traditionally performed by highly skilled, if poorly paid workers.

ATD has been a leader in automating these tasks for faster, less wasteful, and more consistent production.

Don't think in machines

Think in solutions and the result will be a machine

control die cuts on bobbine


The vein or grain is stripped from the tobacco leaf, leaving the rest of the leaf intact, and the complex …

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Cigar – making

The filler of the cigar is formed into a roll, a process termed bunching. Many cigars require the ends to …

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box making folding machine

Boxing – finishing

Cigars are packed in a wide range of formats and materials: cardboard shell and slide packs, single or multi layers …

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is made on ATD machines

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