Case study:
Oxipack leak detection

Oxipack leak-detection

Oxipack, based in Houten, the Netherlands, specializes in non-destructive (vacuum) leak-detection for the packaging industry and is unique in applying this technique in-line. Their machinery is built both in house as well as in cooperation with partners.

The project

In 2020 Oxipack and ATD jointly realised a project, which covered the supply and testing of a mid-range solution for semi in-line micro leak-detection of coffee pack samples. ATD engineered the solution for the handling and link-up between the conveyor and the existing micro leak-detection machine.

The challenges

The main challenge for Oxipack was to integrate one of their machines into an existing line. They also wanted to create a standard solution that would be suitable for other products as well, in order to make the testing and handling more versatile. Currently, large batches are rejected when a single package is found to be defective. In addition to this, it is always a challenge to develop such a solution with multiple parties, each having their own specialities.

The solution

Conveyors and leak-detection parts & technology were sourced by Oxipack and ATD handled the complete integration, coordinating the project from the engineering phase right through to FAT . In order to comply with strict customer-specific requirements, a turnkey solution was implemented. The cooperation between Oxipack, the conveyor belt-supplier and ATD was very successful.

For the long run

Oxipack looked to ATD for a high quality and durable machine. Potential risks were assessed and ATD took responsibility for troubleshooting on the project to ensure the final solution would work as expected. The collaboration between the company and ATD went very smoothly, creating confidence for further cooperation in the future.