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The production line of the shoulderbox exist of separate machines which are connected by transportation systems. The production exists of a bottom maker, a lid doming machine, a combiner, a labeller and cutting machine. It’s possible to extend the line with an in-line drying system, a buffer system and a stacker. We have also options for Vision systems. For the best tailor made production line, you can contact us. The production line is easily exchangeable between different sizes of shoulderboxes and can process up to 120 shoulderboxes each minute (product depending).

Production line

Our shoulder box production line

Technical specifications

  • Production capacity
    120 shoulderboxes / minute
  • Exchangeable between different formats and products


  • Sustainable packaging solution
  • Unique lid doming technology (good protection of products)
  • Possibilities for paper insert
  • Wide variety of paper types possible (embossing, debossing, etc.)
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Expertise built up over 55 years

At ATD, we believe in partnership and co-creation. Together we go for the highest achievable results for our customers every day. We develop and build tailor-made solutions for more efficient production environments, machines, installations and services. This ensures reliable and higher output, allowing our partners to run their business sustainable, cost-effectively and perform better than their competitors.

Our ‘mid-tech’ approach combines and controls simple and robust mechanics with the human interface to perform intricate and complex operations with speed, accuracy and sensitivity. It’s an approach particularly suited to the volume production and packing of fragile, friable, flimsy, brittle or otherwise delicate materials.

We have especially wide experience in filling, packing, box sealing, wrapping, labeling and stacking for a range of containers, including pouches, boxes, tins, cases and cartons.

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It describes the philosophy and core of ATD Machinery in three simple words. We are the developer, builder and supplier of quality. It is the definition of what drives us and what our customers can count on. We offer solutions for more efficient production environments, machinery, installations and services that help organizations run their business more efficiently.

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